Beginning of Stay-Cation

And here begins Stay-cation, well tomorrow I volunteer but that is not really a job.
It was a rainy drizzly evening, you could barely see the water tower thru the drizzly haze. I was cold and brrr. So as soon as I got in I put on my favorite SmartWool socks and had a cup of coffee.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!


Thrifty Thursday 3~16~17

Thrifty Thursday 3~16~17
Had a pretty good day at the thrift. Grand Total $21.40

I picked up some rick rack, lace seam binding trim, two tiny frames (for stitches of course) and a beauty of a pillowcase for the fabric

I really didn't need these houses, but I couldn't resist. I will probably paint them. They have a panel that opens so you can put lights or a candle in them.

Then I got the cute blue stand and it needed a egg, don't you think? The other items I all ready had, but they are all thrift finds.

I huge book of cross stitch alphabets and borders and a With My Needle pattern that has a $12 price sticker. The white frame was a splurge, I rarely pay that (2.50) for a smaller frame ( I think it is about a 8x10) but my next pattern will be perfect in that frame. PomPom's I was going to buy at Walmart but they didn't have the size I wanted and they were almost $2. I got that whole bag for 40cents. It also has the perfect size for one of my next projects :)
An adorable little white bunny who hopped in my basket

A cute vintage folding iron, totally didn't need but it was only a dolla

 And two tops for me, the one on the right is a lightweight butterfly sleeve sweater. The other a cute comfy tee.