Update and a prize

I had a very productive staycation. I enjoyed it, but as always it makes it hard to get back into the regular routine. I tore into my area in the basement, I listed a bunch of things on FB groups and sold quite a bit, but still have A LOT to re-home. I also took a entire carload of stuff to the donation box!
We moved the shelves and made my area in the basement much more open and larger.

I actually started this blog post on March 28th. Then life happened, LOL.
The night/morning of the 29th, I received a call a 1am. My mother had fallen going to the restroom and 911 was at my parents house. Long long long story made short.
She had fractured multiple places in her hip, they done a hip replacement on that Thursday. All went very good. She is now at the local nursing/rehabilitation center and will be there for a few weeks to a month. My dad is doing well but I check on him a bit more. I also got a medical alert system, so that gives me a bit of piece of mind. Also we can add mom to it when she comes home. I am also hoping that dad will get up and move a bit more since he has the "button". He fell last spring, and he has seemed to like the comfort of his chair a lot since then.

This weekend Mr.StitchThrifty convinced me to go to the land with him and I am so glad. I think the time in nature and at the land really made me feel better. I was hoping to find some morel mushrooms, but no luck there. But lots of tromping in the woods!

Also in the midst of all the chaos, I won a drawing for some beautiful Ephemera from The Cat Box Shop It was such a bright and pleasant surprise to get out of the mailbox with all the crazy that was going on. Check out these beautiful papers and ephemera, I can not wait to make something awesome with them.


Beginning of Stay-Cation

And here begins Stay-cation, well tomorrow I volunteer but that is not really a job.
It was a rainy drizzly evening, you could barely see the water tower thru the drizzly haze. I was cold and brrr. So as soon as I got in I put on my favorite SmartWool socks and had a cup of coffee.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!