Friday, April 26, 2019

Fun stash stuff

Boy the time flies when having fun I guess!

I tried diamond painting, ok but not my thing I love stitching more. My $5 clearance tulips turned out fabulous!! They are almost gone now, due to the rain.

We wandered around the woods to find morels....found none. Found this other cool mushroom and interesting rock with a hole. Mr.ST did find a small patch another day.

Two finishes! Finished scene 9 on Harbor Haven, and started and finished this cute fairy from Prairie Schooler.

I received my kit from Aliexpress, I must say I am really loving the 14ct printed fabric. I wonder why Dimensions or Lanarte do not offer printed fabrics??
Downside to loving I haven't started the next scene in Harbor Haven and I may have ordered more kits.....oops not oops! I am telling myself I will finish Harbor Haven by July 4th (my birthday)

No pictures for this one, it has been yard sale season here. I have went to a few, but overall I think I do better at the thrift. At thrift I have found 3 pair of my favorite discontinued jeans,and a few tops. Not much on the cross stitch front. I have been selling stuff on ebay (see link in sidebar) and that has been going well (justified the kit buying, right??) I need to keep at this.
I have decided that ebay is the place it is much easier than Facebook or diy. They have the tools to make it a smooth process. I used to feel the fees were bad, but for the audience you reach, the tools that they offer both buyer and seller, and the shipping discount, it is my venue of choice.
I am picking up a huge tote of printed embroidery stuff this evening, plan is to find it new homes. So if you like printed embroidery keep watch on my ebay (see link in sidebar).
You will probably not see much happening on the puzzles, as summer has too many things going on.

Weekend plans..
Clean out closet
Photo lots of stuff for ebay
Maybe take a walk thru the woods in hopes of some shrooms.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Finally R&R, much needed

The sales on Friday were blah......prices were high, no stitchy stuff. I did get a nifty jar with a rusty looking lid $2(not old, just looked it), a pair of my fav yoga pants ($0.25) & 200 tealight candles for $2. So I spent a whopping $4.25. I sure hope the next town-wides are better. But it was still a fun morning with friends. I stopped at the garden center and got these to make up for no fabulous bargains!!

I went to the boat on Saturday and stayed the night.

It was a little cool on the front porch (it is closed in with strata-glass) but I fired up the little fireplace and it was perfect. So I sat in the recliner and stitched.  Busy on the water, I think many had spring fever and wanted "clean" out their boat engines by zooming around.

 This is my indoor stitchy spot on the boat. (you can see my recliner on the porch in the background)

Sunday was gloomy and called for rain all afternoon, so I headed back to land. They lied no rain, but I needed to get some of the stuff done at the house anyways.
I finished up the April owl and page #8 on Harbor Haven.

Stitched on 14ct Aida, using called for DMC. I did use beads for the raindrops.
S 4/2/19  F 4/7/19

Stitched on 28ct 1 over 1, hand dyed (by me) even-weave, using DMC
S 3/15/19   F 4/7/19

While puttering around Sunday I found these sheet protectors for slides I had gotten at thrift, so I am going to try them for my working threads. I usually use floss cards made with a whole punch, but it is fumbly to put small pieces back on those cards, so maybe this will work better. I enlarged and printed the symbol key and cut them apart to put in each pocket. If you used both sides it would hold 40 threads. I am also thinking that if I like this I will look for a zippered binder (think trapperkeeper) to use as a project keeper. I would love to find one with a clipboard for the pattern. I will be on the look-out :)

This is just for my focus projects, I keep my main stash of thread on floss-away bags and a card catalog type cabinet.

No puzzle work.....just not enough time and I was enjoying relaxing with my stitching.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Crazy week...........

This has been a whirlwind week. Friday I was called to meet my dad at the hospital because they were unable to get a INR reading. When I got there I thought dad looked a little yellow. The lab was unable to get a INR and sent us to the ER for testing. In the ER we discovered he had extremely high liver readings and his bilirubin level was over 11 (should be 1.2 or less). The took him by ambulance to a larger hospital. The short story.....they stinted the liver blockage. He has been in the hospital from Friday to today. The plan is to replace the stint with a metal stint in a month or so. My dad is 84 and has many other health issues, so that was the best option for him.
I did get lots of stitching on Alice.

I also started the LJT April Owl

My plan for the the evening is to work on the owl, I might even finish it. I am really wanting to get back to Harbor Haven, bit I need relaxing stitching this evening after all the driving and getting dad home and settled. There was a fatal accident that had closed the interstate for a few hours, luckily our side was only reduced to one lane, so we could pass thru. Prayers for all that was involved. 
Nothing new on the puzzle table.
Tomorrow I am planning to meet some great friends and go to a local town-wide yardsale. Hoping to find some fun stuff.