A little kitty finish

I finished the stitching for Miss k's yearly Christmas ornament. I like how it turned out. I need to find some adorable fabric for the back. I am thinking that I should not add a rickrack or trim, since it has the candy cane -ish border. What do you think?

I also started the piece for this contest.

If you would like to join in and win some spectacular pattern packs. Go here https://www.facebook.com/events/1094298557339300 and sign-up. The chart is $6 via paypal. 

Here is my start, I am subbing a few of the colors since I am using DMC and wanted deeper colors.

I had my manicure redone and I am not sure what took over me!
Anyone who knows me knows I am very plain and simple, my wardrobe is mostly black, grey and solids. If I am feeling "wild" I might wear plum. So hold on to your socks!! These are my nails for the next few weeks :O 



Elixir of distraction

Boy I must have accidentally drank the elixir of distraction today....My morning has flown buy with not much accomplished.
I fell down a Aliexpress rabbit hole for one. I had been drawn by the knockoff floss (.08 cents a skein-full set $32.77), but wow! I have looked at fabric, Christmas stuff, clothes, and all kinds of things I don't even remember. I think the elixir has worn off so I dusted myself off, closed the browser with no shopping cart damage occurring (yet, lol) 

It is now lunch and I side-stepped a lunch initiation, so hopefully I can enjoy some stitching and flosstube.

Planning the weekend to-do list......
Finish organizing threads
Pictures of stitchy stuff to rehome
Clean bathroom, and floors
Wash beds
New start (yes I know, I know) but it is a Christmas Ornament (present)  ;)
Sneak Peek

I did finish the stitching on Halloween Medley on 10/4/17, and the buttons were delivered yesterday. I will iron and fully finish that this weekend, so keep watch.


Happy October

We had a productive weekend at the homeplace. I accomplished quite a bit of stitching. Normal chores completed. We are adding on to our storage building to make room for more of the man-toys, lol! Life is fair.......I made a 123 stitch order (or ten).  

Stitching and the kickoff of the fall funk.......... 
I stitched on Halloween Medley, by Sunday evening I had a ghost that is missing his feet ( I promised him his feet this evening if he was a good ghost today while I was at the office)  I would have had this piece done and been back to Spring Chickadees. But I had seen an awesome RAK that I decided to partake in. That is very very unusual for me, but alas this one tugged my heart enough that I really wanted to join. 
So I did and FOLLOWED the rules and requested the part I would stitch. So Sunday I gathered the fabric, pattern and threads and stitched on it all afternoon. I then checked Facebook on my phone  to see that someone had posted the part I was working on as finished and going to the post. I was heartbroken. While stitching I had been thinking of the tuck-ins and message I would include since the piece had sentimental ties (which is why I selected it). This is why I usually just stitch for me and stay away from group activity. I did let the organizer know, and they said they was sorry. Which is all they could really do, I suppose.  I have tucked that piece away and maybe I will finish it for me, when it no longer makes me want to tear up. So I put my big girl pants on and stitched on Halloween Medley last night and tried to be content with what will be will be. 

I also finished "Fatal Frost" on the Kindle. I Love Love Love this series. It is very good. 

I have the next book  in the Dewberry Farm series "Deadly Brew" , but I am going to let the suspense build by putting this on the earbuds next "Witch or Treat It is a collection of cozy short stories and (600 pages, yikes)  

I also discovered something really good but kinda bad 
Coffee Peanut M&M's and yes they are on the grocery list already and I am hoping I can find a SUPER size bag! Darn it know I really want some. I may have to make a midweek trip to the store. 

October's empty ORT container 

Update on the OTG (On-the-go) project that I work on during my lunch and other moments I can sneak in some stitches. 

Happy October my friends!